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The Modern Craftsman Podcast

May 11, 2020

Trevor Hults co-owns and operates Thomas Martin Design Build specializing in project management, pre-construction, and millwork installation. He's based in New York one of the hardest-hit places by the COVID 19 pandemic. He contracted the virus right as non-essential construction was shut down in New York. He shares his story. 

Kuiken Brothers Classical Moulding Collection featuring over 70 historically accurate moulding profiles. All milled from poplar in stock with 16ft lengths.

@kuikenbrothers on Instagram

Where to find our guest:

@trevorbhults on Instagram 

@thomasmartindesignandbuild on Instagram 

Where to find our hosts:

Nick Schiffer @nsbuilders on Instagram and NS Builders on YouTube

Tyler Grace @TRGHomeconcepts on Instagram

John Hourihan @heresjohnnyh & @vintagebuilders on Instagram

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"Dessert" by Nate Gusakov